Increase the performance of your greenhouse by adding a 4-Stage Control. This
simple, centralized control integrates heating and cooling and prevents both from running simultaneously. That means increased functionality, and savings in energy costs.


  • 2 setpoint periods (Day and Night)
  • 4 stages for any combination of heating or cooling
  • Includes solar-shielded temperature sensor with 75’ of shielded cable
  • Setpoint range: -40º F to 220º F
  • Backlit LCD Screen displays current temperature,mode and output status
  • Keypad provides easy operation
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius scaleBENEFITS


  • Precision control for your greenhouse
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Stages can be set to control heating or cooling
  • Improves crop quality by providing more accurate temperature monitoring
  • Reduces fuel costs with a centralized temperature sensor
  • You calibrate the temperature sensor
  • Prevents heating and cooling from running simultaneously
  • Easy to review settings from main screen
  • Reduces energy needs