Alarm Managers

Alarm Managers communicate directly with your environmental control so when the greenhouse temperature is in alarm condition, or in the event of a power failure, they contact up to four phone numbers and send an alert. These remarkable devices persevere until the alarm is acknowledged.

I sleep better at night knowing that the Alarm Manager is on the job.

Lightning Protector

Excessive voltages from lightning strikes can cause damage to the communication ports on multiple controllers. The Lightning Protector diverts this voltage to ground, preventing system down time. Essential in greenhouses with controls located more than 25 feet apart, and
in installations with multiple controls connected to a weather station.

Weather Station

The sensors on Wadsworth’s Weather Station send valuable exterior climate conditions to the control, allowing for expanded responses that protect the structure and equipment while maintaining an optimal growing environment.

Combine with Seed, VersiSTEP and EnviroSTEP controls.

Weather Guard

Stay ahead of the curve. Weather Guard anticipates and reacts to outdoor weather, offering protection to your crop and greenhouse structure. The Weather Guard is a stand-alone system that includes outdoor wind, precipitation and temperature sensors that send exterior climate conditions to the Weather Guard control, which responds by taking control of equipment, overriding vent or staged controllers.

Combine with STEP Up and MiniSTEP controls.