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Wadsworth designed this advanced integrated controller to offer flexibility and functionality. And it bears the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) mark, your assurance of regulatory approval and safety.

The EnviroSTEPs are easy to use and they have great longevity. The fact that the EnviroSTEP panels manage all the systems in each greenhouse has made controlling the climate easier. We are now able to achieve much tighter control in our greenhouses, which is very beneficial to our teaching and research programs. The great technical support makes using the system that much easier and gives me peace of mind.

Chris Joyner

University of Massachusetts


  • Single zone control can connect up to 100 zones
  • New and improved back lit LED screen
  • 4 analog outputs (0 to 10VDC) to control variable-speed fans and modulating valves
  • 3 setpoint periods – day, night and DIF
  • 12 relay outputs with manual override switches
  • Ramping allows for gentle transition between setpoint periods and saves fuel
  • 2 analog input channels for connecting light, CO2, RH and temperature sensors
  • 4 digital detector channels sense precipitation, wind speed and wind direction
  • Records the status of all inputs and outputs in 15-minute increments
  • Alarm outputs: temperature, RH and power failure
  • Replaceable 10 amp DPDT relays can operate a wide variety of equipment. These relays reduce the cost of your contactor panel
  • Cabinet measures 16” x 16”x 5” (406 x 406 x 127 mm) Shipping weight 28 lbs / 13 kg
  • Keypad for easy operation
  • Add STEPsaver software for more powerful data storage, reporting and remote monitoring


  • Solar-shielded outdoor temperature sensor with 25’ of cable


  • Aspirated Precision solar-guarded temperature and humidity sensor plus 100′ of cable

Accessory Products

“Being a research facility, we need to provide specific environments on a project basis. Our 50 EnviroSTEPs allow us to offer a precise climate tailored for each experiment, and that makes our researchers very happy.”

Oregon State University Corvallis, OR

“I like the EnviroSTEP because of its ease of operation and flexibility. We use it to control a lot of different equipment including hot air furnaces, HAF fans, and multiple cooling units including, shutters, inflatable wall vents and fans. It allows us to control all of our equipment efficiently from a central controller. The EnviroSTEP keeps the greenhouse within our desired setpoint range and the control responds immediately to any adjustments I make.”

Five Acre Farms Norfolk, MA

“We were asked to create a custom greenhouse for a private homeowner who insisted that all passive and mechanical temperature controls be fully automated. Fortunately, a colleague recommended the EnviroSTEP controller.
It was great having the team at Wadsworth Controls working with us on our greenhouse project. From initial design consultations to the final programming, we were confident they would develop the best solution for our client. Wadsworth was able to tailor their product to the specific needs of the greenhouse owner, and their tech support team helped fine-tune the custom settings after installation.
We are all very happy with the results and look forward to working with Wadsworth Controls in the future.”

AIA, PLAN A Architecture, LLC Santa Fe, NM





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