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Amanda Debevc


440.339.7784 (mobile), 720.206.1049 (direct line)

303.424.4461, ext. 1007

(main office)

Art O’Hare



303.424.4461, ext 1435

(main office)

Nick Earls



303.424.4461, ext 1889

(main office)

Contact Wadsworth’s sales and training team for support in selecting the right products and preparing estimates for your project. We also provide on-site technical training on our products, listed under Products.

Contact us at

To obtain an estimate for your project, please submit
all requests to:

Production Coordinators/Orders

Diana Terrazas

720.206.1027 (direct line)

303.424.4461, ext. 1005

(main office)

Bernice Guzman

720.206.1030 (direct line)

303.424.4461, ext. 1008

(main office)

We receive and process your order from
Contact us regarding:

  • Submitting orders
  • Receipt of orders
  • Revision of existing orders
  • Pricing information for parts — if you know the part number. If not please contact
  • Documents needed for processing orders (equipment list, overhead sketch, waivers, etc.)
  • Order Acknowledgements
  • To check on the status of an existing order email

Technical Support

Randy Rael

Toll free 800.821.5829

720.206.1046 (direct line)

303.424.4461, ext. 1013

(main office)

JJ Maestas

Toll free 800.821.5829

303.424.2389 (direct line)

303.424.4461, ext. 1389

(main office)

We offer technical support for our products and handle repairs. We also offer consulting support for customizing systems, adding new equipment and refining equipment settings to provide the highest level of performance from our products. Please call to inquire about this paid service.

Contact us with questions regarding:

  • Product operation — how our equipment functions
  • Troubleshooting product malfunctioning
  • Determining product repair verses replacement
  • Recommendations regarding what part to order
  • Pricing information for parts if you do not know the part number
  • Part number information
  • Warranty questions
  • Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) form
  • Status of returned goods


For questions regarding Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, contact-, or call 303.424.4461 (main office)

Wadsworth Control Systems

5541 Marshall Street
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