Flat Integrated Truss

Flat Integrated Truss

Greenhouses benefit from curtain systems during winter and summer. In the winter curtain systems offer heat retention and reduce heating costs by up to 40%. In summer, the same system offers shade, keeping customers, plants and staff cooler providing for a better crop and happier shopping.

We installed both of our curtain systems ourselves, one 7-years ago, and one 3-years ago. Each is 120’ square coverage, and both are still taut. The clips are a good system. The curtains save on our heating bill and keep the heat lower to the ground, near the plants, where it should be.

Brian Prange

Prange Greenhouses, Wisconsin




  • We are the only manufacturer to offer a complete system, including the drive unit and control box
  • Your system is custom engineered
  • Positive drive rack and pinion system means no cables to adjust
  • Fabric glides between stationary stainless steel lines
  • Steady, moderate pace of system allows you to regulate cold air spill
  • Built-in safety limits protect your system
  • Durable fabric resists UV, heat and chemicals
  • Small bundle size ensures minimal shade when the system is open
  • Fully sealed around perimeter when covered
  • Flexible design allows for easy installation for new construction and retrofitting


  • Highly durable and virtually maintenance free
  • Provides heat retention in winter, cooling in summer
  • Up to 40% in energy savings
  • More uniform temperatures enhance temperature, humidity and light control
  • Improves crop quality
  • Reduces watering
  • Cools 10º to 15º F
  • Shading provides comfort for customers and staff
  • Retains heat at night when 80% of heating occurs
  • Reduces plant stress