Seed 16®

Seed 16®

All of the sophistication and ease of Seed, trimmed down to suit your needs. With 16-outputs and 16-inputs, configured any way you’d like, this is the solution smaller operations have been looking for. Starting out small but planning for growth? Seed 16 helps you plan for the future with a lower entry price and expandability.

Seed is unlike any other environmental control. It’s easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful; a great combination.

Jimmy Creason

Center Greenhouses




  • Highly responsive touchscreen technology
  • Graphic interface provides extensive information at a glance
  • Navigate easily with a swipe of the screen
  • Design accommodates beginners and experts
  • Seamless access from multi-zone home screen to detailed settings for individual equipment
  • Color coding indicates each zone’s status, allowing an overview of multiple zones from the home screen
  • Zone screens feature:
    • Four time periods
    • Sensor readings
    • Banner displays outdoor conditions, rain, snow, day or night, when outdoor temp and humidity sensors are attached
    • Data from Weather Station (temp, humidity, VPD, wind speed & direction and solar intensity)
    • Tracks sunrise and sunset
  • Current Conditions screen displays comprehensive information for each zone including:
    • Status listing of each equipment’s current conditions
    • Displays explanation for equipment status and anticipated changes
    • Desired temperature range
    • Current temperature
  • View equipment settings, overrides, lockout and setpoints from a single screen
  • Intuitive programming directs user to appropriate screen based on equipment functionality (e.g. curtains – heating, solar, cooling)
  • Tracks Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) and Daily Light Integral (DLI) in Moles/m2/day, kWh/m2/day, Joules/m2/day
  • View and adjust each zone’s time periods from a single screen
  • Adjust settings in the greenhouse, at the control
  • Select multiple sensors and equipment to graph on Charting screen
  • Charting screen tracks equipment usage and sensor readings over a 7-day period
  • Graph data can be viewed from a single week down to hourly increments, and anything in-between
  • NEMA 4 rated cabinet’s small size makes for easy installation
  • Modular design allows for easy expansion of inputs/outputs

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