Why invest in a control

  • Improved crop quality
  • Higher yield
  • Accurate Temp & RH
  • Negative Diff capabilities
  • Multiple Sensor Sites
  • Control Light, CO2, irrigation
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Lower labor costs
  • Reduce chemical application costs
  • Increase longevity of equipment – Less wear and tear

Integrated Controls

Highly capable, designed to accommodate any growing situation, large or small.

Manages light, CO2, irrigation, outdoor sensors

Graphing, data logging,

Each piece of equipment has individual settings, allowing it to act independently with greater efficiency.


Staged Controls

Staged controls respond to changes in greenhouse temperature by activating groups or stages of heating and cooling equipment.

The groups of equipment respond collectively to drive the temperature to the desired value.

As the temperature moves further from the that value, additional stages of equipment engage.

Staged Controls

Integrated Controls

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