It pays to have us visit. Get the most from your high-performing environmental controls with the help of an expert. You and your staff will benefit from hands-on training and individual attention that addresses your specific needs.
There are 25 people in our plant research group, and sometimes I need to make 25 different growing situations. That means fine tuning the greenhouse environment. It was great to have Amanda there in person so we could work on the settings at the computer, and then go into the greenhouse where I could explain what I needed. After the site visit, I knew how do set the control. I felt comfortable and on solid ground.
Tim Mulligan

Uplands Farm Manager, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Price
  • Individual instruction
  • Flexibility
  • Custom content
  • Includes software updates

What We Provide

  • Training on Wadsworth’s environmental controls, curtain and vent systems
  • Personal coaching at the actual control
  • Screen by screen training—you set the pace
  • We will show you how to customize control settings to suit your needs
  • Group instruction specific to each person’s role, including researchers, growers, maintenance and IT staff
  • Learn to use STEPsaver environmental tracking software to your best advantage
  • Capture and store crop settings
  • Software discounts offered on new installations
  • Logs and graphs
  • Remote management options
  • Use data to plan for future crop success
  • Create and store custom seasonal and crop settings
  • Calibrate indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • Calibrate Weather Station temperature and relative humidity
  • Review and establish control settings for optimal success
  • Maintenance tips
  • Suggestions to optimize performance

Just a quick note to say thanks for the best training ever . . . I learned so much, and I continue to explore the EnviroSTEP every day. – MELANIE PARKER The State Botanical Garden of Georgia


Amanda explained the complex system in a very clear and informative way. I am now confident that we can easily modify settings for specific research projects. – STEVE COTTERILL Glacier Peak High School