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Greenhouses benefit from curtain systems during winter and summer. In the winter, curtain systems offer heat retention and reduce heating costs by up to 40%. In summer, the same system offers shade, keeping customers, plants and staff cooler providing for a better crop and happier shopping.


Flat Integrated Truss

Can’t afford a curtain system? Think again. Similar bang, less bucks. Our new Flat Integrated Truss curtain system offers Wadsworth quality and expert engineering with a lower price tag. And, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. We provide it all –
the initial drawings to automated control, including the drive unit. Wadsworth alone offers a complete solution.

Light Depravation Curtain

Many crops need specific amounts of light to flower. Wadsworth’s first curtain system, installed in 1976, was a blackout curtain. Our projects are individually engineered to provide a perfect fit every time. We are the experts when it comes to controlling light in greenhouses.





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