Access your control remotely with Wadsworth.Cloud, a subscription-based platform that allows you to use Sphere Software or the Seed mobile app without a dedicated on-site computer or specialized third-party software. The Cloud stores the controller’s settings, historical data and allows you to choose the number of users amount of data that right for you.

“The Cloud has been an incredible tool that gives me full access anywhere I go.  Not only have I been able to make adjustments while away from work, but I’ve also been able to see conditions and ensure all systems are working during blizzards when our roads are closed and I can’t get to the school.  We’ve even been able to detect power outages and empty propane tanks before it was too late!”
Eric Sawatzke

Agriculture Instructor, West Central Area Schools, Minnesota


  • Access the app on your iOS, Android or computer for quick and easy changes to your settings

  • Continually saves your settings

  • Historical data is backed up to the Cloud

  • Manage multiple sites – great for consultants

  • Subscription based

  • Select snapshot schedules and number of users to suit your needs

  • No third-party software required

  • Real time alarm notifications

  • System disconnect alert if your site loses connection to the Cloud

  • Cloud access user management: control who can access remotely

  • Track changes to settings made remotely by users

“Just wanted to give feedback on the app.
I don’t know how I was operating without it.
It’s made my life so much easier, and it’s clear that it will be even more valuable as we continue to grow.”

— Jonathan Nelson
Greenleaf Gardens, LLC, Ohio






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