We’re not afraid of the dark. And why would we be? With over 40-years of experience in light deprivation and blackout curtains, we are your first choice for optimum darkness and reliability. Our projects are individually engineered to provide a perfect fit every time.

“I have all Wadsworth equipment. The drive units are very robust, built to handle years of use. In a world where whatever can go wrong will go wrong, it’s great to have tough, low maintenance equipment I can depend on.”

John McMahon

Owner, Schuyler Greens


  • Total control over day length for light-sensitive plants
  • Fabric humidity control keeps moisture from condensing on the curtain
  • Custom engineering on every project
  • All curtain systems have a firebreak or are flame retardant fabric
  • Curtain is UV stable
  • Long-life, high quality fabric
  • Positive drive rack and pinion system means no cables to adjust
  • Fabric glides between stationary stainless steel lines
  • Built-in safety limits protect your system
  • Small bundle size ensures minimal shade when the system is uncovered
  • Flexible design allows for easy installation for new construction and retrofit projects
  • Effective cooling when a reflective upper surface is chosen
  • Energy savings

“We installed both of our curtain systems ourselves, one 7-years ago, and one 3-years ago. Each is 120’ square coverage, and both are still taut. The clips are a good system. The curtains save on our heating bill and keep the heat lower to the ground, near the plants, where it should be.”


Prange Greenhouses, Wisconsin

“We were tempted by another curtain system. But we didn’t want to risk it. We have a long relationship with Wadsworth, and we knew we could trust them to deliver a great system. I’m happy we went with Wadsworth – they take care of us.”


Bell Nursery, Maryland





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