Gusto 2000 series

As tough and reliable as the VC2000 drive units with our shortest lead times ever. The same peace of mind you’ve come to expect from our VC drive units is now available with the Gusto 2000 Fast and 2000 Slow drive units. Tested outdoors in Colorado’s predictably unpredictable weather, with run times that would exhaust the best of us, Gusto has
proven itself.

  • Gear motor: 120V / 1PH / 1/5HP; 60Hz; 2.5 amps – TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) • Ball bearing motor with copper windings – Class B insulation
  • Gear reducer: total reduction 1350:1; 1.2 or 2.68 RPM final output
  • Output torque 1500 in-lbs torque
  • Lifts up to 325’ of 4’ polycarbonate roof ridge vent or 400’ of 4’ polycarbonate side vent • Continuous duty
  •  1-3/8”O.D. or 1-5/8”O.D. output coupling shaft
  • Worm gear with tapered roller bearings on dual output shafts immersed in synthetic oil • Shipping weight: 84 lb. / 385 kg


  • Thermal overload protection – automatic reset
  • Quick reversing
  • Dual output shaft
  • Sealed for life; limited or no maintenance required
  • Superior heat dissipation through fin and
  • casting design
  • Same 3-wire connection to your existing LST or 2R vent control • Equipped with the same easy-to-set internal limits