The rack and pinion connects the vent to the drive unit shaft.  As the drive unit turns the shaft, the rack pushes the vent open or pulls it closed.


Take advantage of Wadsworth’s 40 plus years of experience in automating vents. Our drive units set the standard for powerful performance, smooth operation and reliability.

Tim Mulligan

Uplands Farm Manager, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


  • Zinc pinion gear with shoulders to bear the weight and extend the life of the gear
  • Easy alignment: racks work even with vent is not square
  • Freedom from corrosion – stainless clevis pins, cotter pins, set screws, cast sash brackets and tough Nylatron bearings
  • Holes in pinion housing are punched with stamping tool to maintain exact spacing
  • The PowerRack arm and housing are manufactured using aluminum alloy for strength and freedom from corrosion
  • Wide load-bearing surfaces
  • Replaceable parts


  • Lubricate pinion gear annually
  • Unique design prevents binding
  • Wide housing allows for vent movement
  • PowerRack’s precision-cut teeth minimize sharp edges, supporting smooth operation

“We installed both of our curtain systems ourselves, one 7-years ago, and one 3-years ago. Each is 120’ square coverage, and both are still taut. The clips are a good system. The curtains save on our heating bill and keep the heat lower to the ground, near the plants, where it should be.”


Prange Greenhouses, Wisconsin

“We were tempted by another curtain system. But we didn’t want to risk it. We have a long relationship with Wadsworth, and we knew we could trust them to deliver a great system. I’m happy we went with Wadsworth – they take care of us.”


Bell Nursery, Maryland

Rack is placed every 6′ – 7′. Allow for 6″ of rack when the vent is fully open.  All models have 6″ of rack movement per revolution of drive shaft.

Straight rack is used in most applications.


Curved rack gives extra clearance when space is tight.








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