A remarkable new touchscreen climate control with a user interface that makes managing growing environments child’s play. Engineered for power; designed for ease.

Introducing Seed V2
Seed’s powerful new version 2 has even more capabilities and power than the original.

“This is the most intuitive control I’ve ever seen. It speaks to my generation.”

Andy Sacks

Elev8ted Solutions (Sensors)



  • Improve the yield and quality of your crop
  • Increase labor and energy efficiency
  • Intuitive interface accommodates beginners and experts


  • Graphic interface provides extensive information at a glance
  • Advanced humidity control
  • Zone screen displays comprehensive information for each zone including:
    • Current sensor and equipment status
    • Displays explanation for equipment status including anticipated changes
    • Select view to display equipment response based on temperature or humidity – Quick access to graphs,
      setpoints and equipment settings
    • Bulk override allows user to quickly turn on or off multiple equipments
    • Zone profiles save settings for seasonal or crop transitions
  • Individual alarms for each sensor
  • Graph data can be viewed from weeks to minutes and anything in-between
  • View any zone at your facility, from any Seed control
  • Zones in alarm are easily identified on the home screen
  • View outside weather data
  • Background reflects day, night, rain or snow conditions
  • Adjust settings, limits, overrides and view status on individual equipment screen



  • Browser-style navigation for quick access
  • Easily adjust settings using sliders or direct entry
  • HE Anderson Fertigation Interface – Configure zone-specific recipes and schedules
  • Customize which zones are displayed and sensor readings within each zone
  • User Profiles with three different levels of access
  • User tracking system logs who made changes and when
  • Influences mode allows custom equipment responses specific to your needs
  • Custom programmed to include all your equipment
  • View and adjust settings from the app, Sphere software or at the control
  • Sensor Pools Screen allows calculated responses involving of multiple sensors including:
    • Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD), Daily Light Integral (DLI),
    • Wet Bulb Dry Bulb Relative Humidity – Allows for averaging multiple sensors over time

I am impressed with how tightly Seed can control equipment. Wadsworth has very specific, dialed-in abilities to manage the crop. -ANTHONY BRACH Local Roots (Seed Sphere)

People think greenhouse growers don’t think about the weather but it’s important to review the graphs and see how the environment is responding to outside conditions. -JOHN MCMAHON Schuyler Greens (Seed)

The Cloud has been an incredible tool that gives me full access anywhere I go. Not only have I been able to make adjustments while away from work, but I’ve also been able to see conditions and ensure all systems are working during blizzards when our roads are closed and I can’t get to the school. We’ve even been able to detect power outages and empty propane tanks before it was too late! -ERIC SAWATZKE West Central Area ISD Agriculture Instructor (Wadsworth Cloud)

This is the most intuitive control I’ve ever seen. It speaks to my generation. -ANDY SACKS Elev8ted Solutions (Sensors)

Seed is unlike any other environmental control. It’s easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful; a great combination. – JIMMY CREASON Center Greenhouses Denver

Honestly, my experience with the Wadsworth team could not have been better. I highly recommend the Seed system – and look forward to working together on future projects. -JONATHAN NELSON Green Leaf of Ohio

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