After over 40-years of managing greenhouses, the STEP 500 controller’s parts are being phased out.  The STEP 50A will begin a parts phase out in the coming months.

In the Wadsworth tradition, these hard-working and long lasting controllers have served the industry well.  Introduced in 1975 as state-of-the-art innovation, the STEP 500 gave growers a reliable way to manage their ranges.

Today, Wadsworth remains a leader as we launch Seed, the first touch screen control in the horticultural industry.

Many growers have upgraded to the EnviroSTEP integrated control.

Parts will remain available, while supplies last, through the online store on Wadsworth’s website.

Wadsworth introduced the STEP 50A in 1974. After 38-years, Wadsworth discontinued the product in 2013. In 1975 the STEP 500 was released and in 2011, after 36 years on the market, it was retired.

Wadsworth continued to support these long-lasting controllers through their online parts store.